My Fish passed away !!!

21 11 2011

My fish passed away today after surviving for many days just breathing without any food at the bottom of my tank. You lived with me for almost 3 years . I am feeling very disturbed seeing you suffer for past few days. I was not able to enjoy anything when you were struggling to even breathe.   I feel terrible knowing I was the reason for your demise. If only I cleaned the water often you could have easily survived. When your friends survived you perished.

You know I tried everything I can by changing water daily, putting anti fungal liquids. but U and I knew it was a losing battle. But honestly I still had hope, But today U left me and went. You died in front of me., when I tried to change water again. But when I thought you died you still had good bye to tell me by finally having a last gasp of breath and went peacefully, I feel like having tears remembering that last moment. But you taught me for life never to give up. You fought till the end. I am so proud of you. You were the only fish I ever had who fought for so many days without eating and just breathing for almost a week. I love you black gold  fish. Miss you.:(

sleeping forever

love you always . sorry


A few good men in Indian cricket – MANSOOR ALI KHAN PATAUDI

23 09 2011

It was a shocking news when my friend told me  tiger pataudi ( as he is fondly called) died  at 6.30pm .  I immediately went online to check and hoping it was a false news. But it was true. He was 70. Honestly I dont know much about him other than the fact he was the youngest captain of Indian cricket team and he and his father were the only father son to captain India. And he played  all his international cricket with one eye as his right eye was  damaged in a car accident.

But whatver I have heard of him were al only good things which  made me respect him as a dignified person. He was a royal . And i guess he lived like one but with grace.

tiger with sharmila tagore on wedding day

His love life with sharmila tagore would have been the hot news had it  happened in this media crazy times. But his son his living that life with his romance to kareena kapoor whose birthday is unfortunately today one day after his death.]

His only bad news was when he was arrested and then released in bail for black buck poaching case. well we all make mistakes.  But he lived a gracious life for most part of his life and so thats why  he is getting a great send off from the field of life towards the pavillion called heaven .

Extremes in sporting spirit – Roger federer and Serena williams.

12 09 2011

Its still difficult to digest that federer lost the match to Novak djokovic after being 40-15 with 2 match points on his serve. I am not even complaining about him losing that game after being in a dominant position. He just totally lost all the games after that to lose the set  at 7-5 and the match ..  Novak was smiling  when he was 2 match points down and went for it  by hitting cross court winner. Did that attitude won him the match . Lets see

   The point that changed the match

Was Novak too good?

Undoubtedly djokovic  is the hottest player right now  having lost only 2 matches and current No 1  which is strange to say after nadal and federer exchanging that position for so long. So the question is djokovic too good for roger and thats why he lost. The answer is  NO.    of the two matches he lost one was against murray where he retired.  So technically the only match he lost this year is against federer  in the french open. So if there is any one player who  challenges novak it is roger. And even novak knows that.  I would even say nole ( his pet name ) was lucky to win wombledon because he escaped meeting roger federer  who lost in quarters to  tsonga.  But roger took his revenge  on tsonga by beating him  in quarters this US open. So why did roger lose?

IS Roger MENTALLY WEAK? well this what nole said. its all about mental strength.

Its hard to say because he has been in many tight situations and he won. But then again no matter how good you are the greatest thing about sport is there is a time when even a tiny moment changes the whole match and  your confidence. And I reckon thats what happened in the semis against nole. That cross court winner from novak  just changed the whole energy of the match. Suddenly the energy was transferred from roger to nole. Roger’s weakness of backhand  which he shielded by  his beautiful forehand inside out winners was suddenly exposed.  And  roger just was utterly disappointed after missing 2 match points. after that game he looked at the stands towards his family , and it said defeat.


The simple answer I can think is he is HUMAN..   thats what makes  sports great.  Otherwise  what is the difference between machines and humans  playing sports.  And even though I was so sick  of the feeling of his loss ( I am a nadal  fan) And I even felt he should just escape and skip the post match press meet. After all how can u explain  throwing away  a match after being 2 sets up and then 2 match points up.  And he  has lost only his second match after being 2 sets up.  But Roger displayed why he is a true champion and to  me the  best sports man by what he said in the press meet.  He said ” thats why people see sports- the unscripted drama, where you dont know whats gonna happen ”  He  just said the most beautiful words ever according to me after that terrible loss.






She is a  great player no doubt. But the way she behaved again at the US open intimidating and abusing the umpire – and that too on sep 11 said something. IS this how America is  do they bully and intimidate if things dont go their way, but when things go their way they are so sweet and nice –

Or may be I am  comparing both wrongly?

its yours choice to make.  But she did say something. she said “The last time I checked this is America”  when she was given breach of code.  So heres the video for you to make that judgement.

But there is no  confusion on  what is an good example and bad example of sporting spirit . the two extremes roger and serena.

Is Nature cruel?

18 08 2011

It was a beautiful  morning..  Mild and pleasant weather. Trees fresh from yesterdays light drizzle. Things were cool. Then suddenly there was  chaos. A cat from nowhere jumped into a tree and caught a squirrel which was just  looking to  get close to his  or her partner who was standing on the other side of the tree.

The dogs started barking, crows  crowed and   the shocked squirrel who saw its companion being caught kept giving sounds. My mood suddenly changed. How can nature which was so beautiful and all calm and peaceful can suddenly change into this violent killing machine in the form of a cat.

Doesn’t that cat has any heart listening to the cries of the other squirrel when it is trying to eat its partner.  I tried to overpower the cat by taking my dog to the street and try to scare the cat hoping it will drop the squirrel. and it almost worked.. but since i was holding my dog it was not able to catch the cat which ran into another house.

For the next 30 mins the other squirrel kept giving sounds calling the other one.. and since unfortunately I was a human I knew the other one is never gonna come back, probably would have been food to the cat by now. So this led to the question in my heart. Why is nature so cruel? or is it cruel ?

The obvious answers that came to my mind were that’s how nature works,  the survival of the fittest,  its the circle of life. But honestly this didn’t  even vaguely  convinced the reason to be so cruel. I mean I know the cat and the squirrel has only 5 senses and it cant think like us humans mourning what they lost and so they move on..

But this again created a new question… what if they cant? what if they too go thru the same pain for years? how can we so sure?  I mean you can say  thats  proven  scientifically they cant. if its true how can we answer when a dog  doesnt even  eat food even if its hungry to the point of death  just waiting for its owner to feed , and from my personal experience i have seen pigeons dont  easily  change mates .. My female pigeon refused to accept any other male when its original male partner  flew off by mistake chased by crows.

The  only answer I could get is even if they go thru pain, still thats part of nature. After all dont we also go thru it. so that  brings me back to the  original question , irrespective of humans or animals or birds. why is nature so cruel..

Then suddenly I was biten by a ant and without a hint of thinking i just killed it, and I didnt even realise  I just killed something till I came back thinking about my question. then there was a shock .. what did I just do…  I JUST KILLED A LIVING BEING.. what are the chances that  even that ant wont be having a family … even those ants can mourn its death… and I was the reason for this..

I dont want to sound like a great thinker and give a answer. I leave to each and every  human to find their own answers.. For me the only  answer I got was death is inevitable truth of Nature .. so the question is only when ? So live with what is given by God and do what we have to do.. There is no time to stop and ask questions like this. After all Life and time just moves on either happy or sad .. isnt it?


5 08 2011

Hack by peter Wrendshall - book review

Chances are you haven’t come across this book , I  luckily stumbled upon this book and loved reading every bit of it . Partly may be due to the fact its a combination of two of my favorite  things.. computers and novel..  perfect.

The story is about a teenager who gets into hacking just for the thrill of it and before he knows he becomes the best hacker in his group and how he is betrayed by his own group leader. The story moves from this point about how he figures out his life after doing his time in jail and also getting caught in a terrorist plot. perfect for a movie screenplay.

I was able to get a connection  with Ripley the  main lead  and his  struggle through life in-spite of being a computer genius. There is everything in the novel- hacking,betrayal,family issues, romance, school life .

The only  negative i see is its kinda small novel. wish it had been bit longer, though cant say that as a negative . But it shows how much I loved reading it.

If ever this novel is made a movie I suppose mark zuckerburg could fit in perfectly, which wont happen so his  alias in social network Jesse Eisenberg would be the perfect cast.

Its a shame this book did not became famous and peter wrendshall  hasent written many more books. Would love to read more books from him.

Bottom Line :

Its not just hacking the computers that is wrong, its even more worse people hacking each other  either for selfish needs or just sheer  want to fool others for no reason.


The best part about this book is its free to share. 😀 so here it is.. enjoy 🙂

I am sorry sunshine !!!

28 07 2011

I never thought I would write this barely few days after writing the previous blog .  Lol, I am not mad. I am just amazed at my temporary mood-swing.  We think we know what we want. But God says  you have no idea what you want. Okay before you get all confused let me say  why this change of heart.

Yesterday night around 7.30pm I took my dog for a walk. And as usual it was hot. I looked at the tree branches laying on the street  which were stupidly cut by people for every reason possible. As  my dog was looking at me and saying common dude lets walk little bit more and was pulling me I reluctantly went around towards another street which technically is out of my dog’s zone,( as u know dogs  are very  serious about any other dog entering their zone)  I was ready to run if any dog starts confronting for entering their area.

And then suddenly something magical happened. Suddenly there was a cool breeze sweeping around us. It felt so cool. I guess even my dog should have enjoyed it because it looked at the sky as to thank God. Before we both knew it started raining . we ran towards our home, fully drenched as we reached home.

So i was savoring the  cool rain, sipping my tulsi tea and my doggie  was  smiling at me happily  for letting him to sleep under my legs and looking at the rain like a tasty bone.

But there was a small difference . It didn’t stop. It kept raining and raining and raining to the point I got bored of it and went to sleep. And after a while I was shivering . Suddenly I started to miss the warmth.

sunrise from the clouds .

And then finally when morning came the rain stopped and the sun came out. I never felt happy to see sun in the last few months ever since summer started. So sorry sun ;). Don’t go away for long. I need you too .. you are my best friend too. Just let rain to hang out with us as well once in a while.. deal?


23 07 2011

Its so blazing hot here  that even the chairs inside my room are sweating(ofcourse not literally :-p ) .  With each summer day feels like there is never gonna be a cool breeze.  And what gets on my nerves is when people complain about cold weather and how they would love a hot sunny day. I wish I can drag them to where I am and tie them here till they  say we want our cold climate back.  Anywayz when Mr.Sun finally goes away by 6 pm there is a sense of  relief that its gonna get better. You got to be kidding yourself if  you think so in my city.Even the moon feels like  white sun.

And thats when you see a miracle, or feel it. there is a water drop on your face from the heaven. You get a happy face and feel inside finally — YES YES YES…Since I am in a tropical climate, when it rains it doesnt rain.. it pours.. Nothing is better than the sound of rain, especially when you are starved  by the summer.

the simple joys

And  you feel so refreshed  feeling the cool breeze which has gone away  like a angry friend who finally  comes back to give you a big hugg and say I am not gonna leave you again. The  trees , roads, cars, even the lamp posts – all suddenly looks so beautiful. Thats the beauty of rains. It makes everything like new. You almost forget you are actually in summer, slowly the rain calms down to a drizzle and you realise like your best friend who said he is not gonna leave you slowly walking away. Oh no.. dont go away rain.. Atleat not so fast.

Finally there is silence. No more drizzling. the breeze still has some coolness mercifully. I go and see the  road. Where did all the pouring rain go. The road looks like someone just poured some buckets of water here and there. It feels like a cruel joke. This cant be happening. It feels like someone showed you a icecream but took it away even before you  tasted it in your mouth.This is summer. Miss rain you cant win Mr. summer so easily.

I just look towards heaven. Please rain my best friend come back!!!